Clothing is pure emotion - an attitude to life! Get inspired and find your special favorite pieces! Rediscover yourself - love your style, love yourself!

Pure luxury!

Let yourself be pampered by the finest and cuddly soft fabrics. For relaxed - glamorous summer evenings!

Pure luxury!

Let yourself be pampered by the finest and cuddly soft fabrics. For relaxed - glamorous summer evenings!

about us

BACINA - The label with the red butterfly.

The butterfly is a symbol of new beginnings, joy of life and change, and the color red stands for courage, love and passion. Both together should serve as a message and reminder that it is never too late for change.

Romantic and elegant looks with a touch of drama - that's what characterizes the BACINA fashion line. The unique models with the attractiveness of the fabrics used, quality and comfort in one, in which our customers feel comfortable and stylish at the same time all day long. Can be combined in a variety of ways and made from carefully selected materials, BACINA will exceed even the highest expectations - wearing comfort that makes you feel good.

Let yourself go, let yourself be loved - BACINA offers the modern woman the perfect fashion line for a healthy and dynamic lifestyle and supports your self-confidence with clever cuts and light shape functions - for more inner and outer calm.

BACINA Fair & Slowfashion - each of our items of clothing is strictly limited and lovingly, fairly handcrafted in Germany. This guarantees a high level of exclusivity and the highest quality – for you.

True to our motto:

May butterflies always flutter in your soul!

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Sustainability & Production

BACINA Fair & Slow Fashion - made in Germany.

We attach great importance to sustainable and certified materials. Our fabrics are arranged by world-class, world-leading fabric suppliers from Germany, Holland and France.

All of our patterns and prototypes are developed and manufactured by us in our studio in Frankfurt am Main. Production takes place in small family-run textile factories in Frankfurt and Berlin. Every piece of clothing in the collection is lovingly handcrafted in Germany, which is the only way we can truly control and guarantee excellent quality and fair service. We produce in limited series and therefore each piece is unique.

Thanks to our local production in Germany, we also reduce our transport routes to a possible minimum, which leads to significantly fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

For a good feeling, not just on the skin!

Elegance meets sportiness - with a touch of seduction - a breathtaking combination. Simply look good and feel confident – ​​these are our keys to a successful day. Definitely your new favorite outfit

Bodysuit DARIA & pants DARIA

Outfit DARIA - an unbeatable duo! Bodysuit DARIA and trousers DARIA specially designed for hectic everyday business life, the bodysuit is extremely practical and fits perfectly at all times without slipping or bunching up.

Bodysuit DARIA

The gentle shape effect gives you that extra boost of self-confidence that helps you master everyday work effortlessly.