BACINA - Label with a red butterfly.

The butterfly is a symbol of freedom, love, new beginnings, passion and courage. A symbol of balanced beauty - inside and out.

Romantic and elegant looks with a touch of drama - this is what characterizes the BACINA fashion line. Unique designs that combine the attractiveness of the fabrics used, quality and comfort, in which our customers feel comfortable and stylish at the same time throughout the day. Combinable in different ways and made from carefully selected materials, BACINA will exceed even your wildest expectations: wearing comfort will make you feel good.

Let yourself relax, let yourself be loved - BACINA offers the modern woman the ideal line of clothing for a healthy and dynamic lifestyle and supports your self-confidence with thoughtful cut and comfort-fit features - for greater inner and outer peace.

BACINA is about slow fashion: each item is strictly limited and lovingly handmade in Germany. This guarantees a high level of exclusivity and the highest quality – for you.
True to our motto:

Let the butterflies always
flutter in your soul!